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V-lock Battery Swit 290Wh Heavy Duty 16amps

V-lock Battery Swit 290Wh Heavy Duty 16amps


Available singularly or as a kit of 4 with fast charger for R2000.00 including VAT and insurance.

If you need to power something hungry, these are the best batteries. We’ve found that our much loved 300D IIs were killing our V-lock batteries because they have a high amp draw (15amps). Your “regular” V-lock batteries work perfectly on the first run, they drain like normal and then you charge them back up to full, put them back on the 300D and they work for half as long and then they won’t charge again. That’s it. Dehydration from all the tears you’ll cry will ensue. It’s an expensive lesson, so for the sake of your batteries and ours, hire these ones when you are powering lights with a high amp draw. These heavy duty batteries can handle a 16amp constant draw and with LED technology getting stronger and stronger, these batteries are the solution.

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