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FXLion 620wh 28V & 48V High Power Lithium-Ion “block battery”

FXLion 620wh 28V & 48V High Power Lithium-Ion “block battery”

R1 500

V-lock batteries are great but they are limited in capacity and lights nowadays are pulling too many amps and damaging V-lock batteries if they are not specifically designed for high capacity draws. These FXlion 620wh "block batteries" are specifically designed to provide power to pieces of equipment with constant high power draws like Arri Skypanels and Aputure 300D IIs. With a v-lock plate on a Skypanel, you have to settle for half the output but with these batteries, you can power an S60 (which draws 420watt) at full power for 1.5hours. realistically you won't need to pump up an S60 at full power for your whole shoot but with these batteries, the option is there...

With its 15v, 28v and 48v outputs, almost anything that needs DC power on set, including cameras, can be powered.

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