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Sigma 50-100mm T2 High-Speed Zoom Lens (Canon EF)

Sigma 50-100mm T2 High-Speed Zoom Lens (Canon EF)

R2 500

There are obviously so many wonderful things about these zooms but having an 82mm filter thread on the front is just icing on the cake and we don’t think this feature gets enough attention. So pair it with our screw in Promist or a variable ND from your kit and you are purring.

We went the EF route on these zooms because of the popularity of Blackmagic 6K’s and C300 III which are a massive saga to convert to PL. We also know that many of you will be purchasing your Komodos with EF mounts so we’re trying to give you premium glass, without the stress. For everything Sony, a PL or an EF is just a Metabones away so we felt that EF would be the best Swiss army knife.


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