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Sony CineAlta T2 (PL Mount) 6 Lens Kit

Sony CineAlta T2 (PL Mount) 6 Lens Kit
  • Sony lenses

R6 000

Kit includes:

  • 20mm T2 Prime Lens
  • 25mm T2 Prime Lens
  • 35mm T2 Prime Lens
  • 50mm T2 Prime Lens
  • 85mm T2 Prime Lens
  • 135mm T2 Prime Lens

The CineAlta 4K Six Lens Kit includes the 20, 25, 35, 50, 85 and 135mm cine prime lenses from Sony. Each lens has a fast maximum aperture of T2, with a circular 9 blade iris.

  • All lenses are T2
  • Circular aperture with 9 blade Iris
  • Full metal construction
  • One aspherical element
  • 4K capable
  • Compatible with cameras with Arri PL mount system
  • External front diameter 114mm
  • 240 degree focus ring

These lenses are that “legit kind of heavy” and mechanically beautiful which, in all honesty, just makes you feel like a badass from the get go. Although feeling like a badass is not the point, street cred just feels good and I’m not going to apologise for being shallow… Okay but seriously, optically they surpass all expectations. Sony is not known as a PL lens manufacturer so quite frankly I thought these would be pegged in the area of Zeiss CP.2s but they are waaaaaaay better. They are more comparable with Zeiss Ultra primes in resolution, bokeh, contrast, distortion and chromatic aberration. And yes, I know what you’re thinking, Master primes are still king but for the price, this is just a no-brainer.

Here is a review (it is clearly sponsored by Sony but we agree with pretty much everything these DOPs have said so give give it a read).




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