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Why choose us?

We are a quirky and fun studio, kitted with unique facilities over 239sqm to ensure that your photography or videography shoots run smoothly and efficiently. We have a well-equipped gear-store within arms reach of your studio space to fulfill most of your equipment needs. Stacey might accost you with photos of her cats on her phone but just nod and smile… The number of photos you endure will determine your discount. That last statement may, or may not, be true. *But moving along swiftly* – we think VT is awesome for everyone to see, and let’s face it, it keeps everyone out of the DOP’s hair. So we’ve put in a splitter that enables your in-studio feed to be piped to the client lounge and dressing room upstairs. The studio also includes a complimentary 32” Samsung LCD on wheels for the studio floor. *Your welcome*.

We have one more cool feature that is worth mentioning before we have to start listing boring things like “free wifi” and “parking”: a removable railing system on the mezzanine floor. It allows you to look down on the infinity curve and shoot from above without having to use scaffolding or a crane. Nifty? That’s rhetorical, of course it’s nifty…



Studio rate – R2500,00 incl VAT! Need Gear? Check out our rentals!


Gear Up




Curve dimensions: 7.2m L x 4.5m w x 6m H

Painted curve area: 32.4sqm

Studio Room area: 82.6sqm

Lighting Grid above curve (6m from ground)

2 x Toilets (3sqm each)

Downstairs Kitchenette (3sqm)

Dressing Room with Kitchenette with 23” VT (17,4sqm)

Mezzanine Client Lounge overlooking studio with 27” Samsung VT (10sqm)

Reception and Production Lounge with 27” Samsung VT (30sqm)






Upstairs we have our chic and modern wardrobe area, which includes

  • two semi-circular draped changing rooms
  • two full-length mirrors
  • two comfy bar-stool make-up chairs
  • two-seater couch
  • two make-up tables
  • a portable double railed contemporary steel clothes rack
  • a Tobi steamer (not Angelina Jolie, but it’s still good for getting the creases out of clothes)
  • Excellent T5 lighting The space also has a kitchenette including a fridge, a kettle and a sink. Crockery and cutlery are provided as well as complimentary tea and coffee.



We also have...



  • Wi-Fi internet Sound system for Ipods Integrated VT system throughout the building.
  • Basic Lighting Kit for videography or photography included.
  • We have a 5m x 3.5m catering area, which includes 3 tables 1.82m x 0.77m.
  • We have ample parking both at the front and back of the studio.



Unit 10B, Northgate Business Park in Northgate Estate, Brooklyn, 7405.


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