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SmallHD Focus 5″ Monitor

SmallHD Focus 5″ Monitor


This monitor is ideal for shooting with your DSLR or mirrorless camera. Magic arms are of course, well, magical… But sometimes when you want to make a small adjustment to the position of the monitor, you’re tempted to just force the magic arm a bit or if you’re a good human and care about the longevity of our gear, you loosen and adjust it.  But being a good human is time consuming! This kit includes a one way swivel arm which sits ergonomically on your camera and allows you to tilt it up and down with the built in tension. SmallHD has basically just reinvented the wheel. Of course you can unscrew this arm and use a normal ballhead or magic arm if you are looking for a more complicated set up.


Another nifty innovation is that your power hungry Sony a7S camera can be powered by the larger NPF battery that is powering your monitor through a dummy battery attached to the monitor. It’s genius.


The monitor itself is lovely and bright, touch screen and has most of the professional tools that you find on their more expensive monitors.


Because the monitor is aimed at DSLR and mirrorless setups, it only has an HDMI input but it’s worth it.



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