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Sachtler FSB 8 with Flowtech 75 MS legs

Sachtler FSB 8 with Flowtech 75 MS legs


Flowtech have reinvented the wheel with these legs! My lower back is singing this tripod's praises! The only other product that we have felt this passionately about was the original FS7 back in the day. With the Flowtech tripod, you just unclip the legs at the top and lift, you never have to bend or stretch around your tripod to lock off the legs. It is also super light and the shape of the carbon fibre leg is broad so it doesn't dig into your collar bone when you're carrying it on top of your shoulder. It's just the best thing in the world besides my cat Pixel.

Item Specifications:

Fluid head: Sachtler FSB 8

Tripod: FLOWTECH 75 MS

Spreader: Mid-level or you can just remove the spreader as the legs click into place

Payload: 1-10kg

Height range: 41-173cm

Bowl size: 75mm

Transport length: 85cm




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