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redrock microRemote V.30 Wireless Follow Focus

redrock microRemote V.30 Wireless Follow Focus

R1 600

With the digital revolution came a demand for professional cinema quality tools for the price of 2 Chappies and a toffee eclair. And where there is demand there is innovation blah blah etc. Redrock micro was one of the first to answer that call and even though I am not particularly fond of their old mattebox (*need to learn to filter what I write*), I love their wireless follow focus, not just for it’s price but for it’s lens mapping feature. Now they have updated their firmware to V3.0 and it includes a new little trick which they have trademarked “Artistry”.

Artistry basically evens out your focus pulls by feathering your start and end points. This is particularly useful for beginners who tend to overshoot their mark and then pull back to their subject which obviously looks jerky and then the shot just lands up on the cutting room floor. With gimbal rigs costing the price of just 1 piece of Chappies gum, there are a lot of new operators and new focus pullers so this function is ideal. As your experience level increases, you can dial down the Artistry setting. Digital is crazy.

Item specifications:

  • Traditional controller ergonomics
  • 1 mile range (line of sight)
  • Expands still lens to a full 270 degree throw for maximum accuracy
  • Direction control: left/right handed, SLR (Nikon) conversion
  • All digital control system
  • Radio controller communications
  • 16 user-selectable channels
  • Smooth, dampened focus wheel
  • Precision movement
  • Adjustable hard stop & focus indicator
  • Illuminated marking disk
  • Lens-mapping provides for precise, cinema quality focus pulling
  • Adjustable torque/sensitivity

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