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Pilotfly Atomcube Rx1 RGB

Pilotfly Atomcube Rx1 RGB


What a little Swiss army knife! A bright, app controlled RGB LED with pre-programmed effects and a built in battery. The battery lasts for 3 hours at full brightness - but full brightness is crazy bright - 1800lux at 0,5m - so realistically you're not going to be at 100% brightness because your talent will give you evils. To put this brightness into perspective, the Aputure MC is 400 lux at 0,5m... Don't get us wrong, we love the Aputure MC and it's definitely worth renting but if you need an extra bit of vuma, choose the Pilotfly. Technically you can power the light with a power bank but that makes the unit cumbersome to mount on camera and the whole point of this light is it's probability. We recommend renting 2 units if you are planning on shooting the whole night, non-stop at full brightness so you can just swap out the units to charge. If you are planning on putting it on a lightstand then a power bank isn't an issue.

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