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Lilliput 7″ HDMI Monitor

Lilliput 7″ HDMI Monitor


Lilliput calls this monitor the "A7s - 7" 4K HDMI Field Monitor" which is well... Misleading... Yes it has an HDMI input capable of accepting 4K signal but the screen is still only HD and no, it has nothing to do with Sony's "a7S" like the name suggests. Sure, you'll be using this monitor most likely on Mirrorless Cameras like the a7S, but still, where's the love for Canon and Panasonic? It kinda feels like they just threw all the buzzwords 0f 2019 at it and kept what stuck. Besides the "okay boomer" name, the monitor is pretty decent. It's bright, sharp, takes one battery, had HDMI loop through and is well-built. We're impressed.

Resolution: 1920x 1200

Brightness: 500cd/m2

Contrast: 1000:1

Viewing angle: 170 degrees

Input voltage: 7-24V

Battery plate: L-series / NP-F

Weight: 320

Dimensions: 182.1x124x20.5mm

Earphone port: Yes

Speaker: Yes

HDMI Loop through

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