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Sony PXW-FS7

Sony PXW-FS5

R3 200

Our kit includes:


Metabones adaptor or 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 Sony lens

Sony ECM-1 Microphone XM1

2x 64GB 95mb/s SD cards

USB 3 Card reader

2 x Batteries

Battery charger

Let’s just begin with what you want to know coz reading died with MTV – Yes, it flies on a Ronin-M purrfectly! Whilst it weighs in at around 2,23kgs with its top and side handles, LCD, big battery etc; stripped down to it’s bare minimum – it weighs 830grams! *I have already used up my exclamation mark quota in this paragraph so I’ll hold myself back from now…* But more than just being light, coz the a7R II is already light, the camera is actually balanced with a battery and a lens, thus making it a breeze to balance on gimbals and operate handheld all day.

There are 2 more perks worth highlighting about this camera and gimbal use. The first being that the LCD has a decent length cable and a 1/4″ mounting point so that you can mount it on top of your gimbal bars (saving you money on renting a smallHD monitor) and the second is that the handle is equally as versatile in terms of mounting. Why does this interest you? Because you can pull focus manually with the joystick on the handle! *new paragraph, new quota*. However, if you are more like myself and have realised that autofocus has become less of a swear word – then this camera offers face detection tracking (the FS7 doesn’t so it gives you an indication of which markets Sony wants to hit with each camera respectively). Basically these things operate themselves nowadays and all you need to do is frame up and remember to hit roll. Oh wait, you don’t even need to remember that because it has pre-roll. Don’t worry, we wont tell your producers.


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