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Shark Slider S1 Bundle (790mm & 1350mm)

Shark Slider S1 Bundle (790mm & 1350mm)


The Shark Slider is super smooth, thanks to its weight pulley design. Yes, you get plenty of smooth sliders out there (actually that’s not true…) but  your hand movements/errors are often still a problem or at least cause you to have one or more retakes… The weight pulley design on the Shark Slider cancels out your occasional jitters and just looks stunning.

It’s portability is also a fairly unique aspect. It is made of anodised aluminium and carbon fibre so it’s nice and light. The slider comes standard in a 750mm configuration but extra carbon fibre rods come with the kit and can be screwed in to the original rods to create a 1350mm slider. I know you’re thinking about the join… But don’t worry, it’s super tight and snug. This is basically the slider I’d use if I was shooting. The counter weight makes a huge difference.

Effective length – 640mm / 1200mm

Payload – 7kg / 5kg

Weight 3,8kg with the resistance pulley.


Kit includes Manfrotto head

Excludes tripod.


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