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RED Dragon

RED Dragon
  • Epic-Front

R9 850

Item Specifications

Unlike other digital cinema cameras, the RED Dragon is a modular system, allowing for various camera configurations to be built based on the accessories you want. And the best part is, at Zootee Studios, that means you only pay for what you actually use in your kit. As a rental company, we have sourced the best accessories from RED itself but also products from third party manufacturers such as innocinema, a Swiss company with truly innovative designs. Our aim is to satisfy pretty much all filmmakers from cinematographers who want the whole bang shoot, to documentary filmmakers that need a light, portable and unobtrusive rig. And we think we’ve done it.

Standard kit includes:

RED Dragon Brain
Choice of TI PL Mount or AL Canon Mount

Bomb EVF (LCOS) Viewfinder (With Spinner Mount)
Red Brick Batteries with V-Lock Mount


Side SSD Module
DSMC Side Handle
Red DSMC Adjustable Top Mount
Red Touch 5″ LCD Display
4 x 128gb SSD Drives
Red Station Redmag 1,8″ Mini ESATA
Redvolt 4 pack with quad charger
Action Products “Calypso” Epic rise plate
Wooden Camera Cheese Handle

Optional Accessories:

From RED:

Red 7″ LCD Display
Module Adaptor (To attach addition Pro Modules)
Pro I/O Module

From Innocinema:

“Proteus” and “Electra” Power Package (Allows for power distribution to various third party accessories and acts as a puffer battery for hot swapping)

XLR Audio Adaptor (Convert 3,5mm audio inputs to Pro XLR)

Apollo top plate (Allows for more accessible power and video distribution)


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