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Latour 90cm Slider (basically a Shark Slider knock off)

Latour 90cm Slider (basically a Shark Slider knock off)
  • DHL-Free-Flywheel-Style-Shark-Camera-Slider-850mm-Carbon-Fiber-Video-Slider-For-All-Professional-DSLR


Our Shark Slider has been incredibly popular with comments like “that’s the best slider I’ve ever used” becoming the norm. But it is quite pricey so we bought this knock off version. It’s great because it’s 90cm – so length wise – it falls between the Shark Sliders 64cm and 120cm versions.

Basically everything we have written about the Shark Slider applies to the La Tour slider however the latter does not have carbon fibre rods which means it’s obviously slightly heavier but more importantly, it can carry a heavier payload.

Effective length – 90cm

Payload – 8kg

Weight 3,2kg with the resistance pulley.


Kit includes Manfrotto head

Excludes tripod.



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