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Audio-Technica Wireless Lavalier (lapel) Mic

Audio-Technica Wireless Lavalier (lapel) Mic


Audio-Technica have created a cost effective competitor to the Sony UWP-V1 lavalier set that we love so much. The body is plastic and so not as strong as the Sony’s – if your talent is getting roughed up then don’t go with these ones… However these will be perfect for every other occasion.

Highlights include:

An independent headphone jack for monitoring (especially useful for DSLRs which don’t provide such “luxuries”);

The receiver is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery so you have to buy half an many AA batteries – Plus you can monitor your talent’s transmitter’s power lever from your receiver;

Signal functions up to 30m;

Excellent signal integrity – i.e. immune to most interference as the receiver uses time, frequency and space diversity processing respectively.


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