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Aputure DEC Wireless Follow Focus

Aputure DEC Wireless Follow Focus


A wireless follow focus for CHEAP! I am super excited about this product. It is essentially a Metabones adaptor with a wireless follow focus and aperture control system. It blows my mind that a company has managed to create such a great value for money system. Yes, it only works from E-mount to EF lenses but with the success of the Sony PXW-FS7 and A7s and Canon EF lenses, a lot of people are shooting with that combination – and this is perfect for that system. Preston – Pah! Okay, not quite, but almost…


You can set your A and B marks and move between the two.

When you hit your mark, the remote vibrates. What? Yes.

The display shows your focal length and aperture value.

You can adjust the aperture from the wireless remote

You can clamp it to your tripod or handheld rig and use it as a handle

Pressure sensitive / speed adjustment – the harder you press, the faster it pulls focus.

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